Okay, as participants in this project, you've most likely been added to both Google Drive folders already. They are called "Limerick_City_Model" and "LiDAR 2" (which contains files from the second package of LiDAR data we got from OSI - it's a massive Drive Folder, so we may need to keep them separate for logistic reasons. Aside from that when we do tidy up our folders we'll update these guides again).

The main file that you will be using will be found at:

Limerck_City_Model / Drawings / Master Drawings / City Council Drawings / City Council Drawings / Limerick City Drawings - Master 140212 Rev A.dwg

Thanks to Limerick City & County Council and Ordinance Survey Ireland we were able to get these drawings on a third party license for the purposes of this project. Please don't go abusing this trust by copying, distributing, or selling any part of this file.